Previous Years GPSC Interview Questions of soil mechanics / geotechnical engineering

Previous Years AE (Assistant Engineer) Interview Questions of Geotechnical Engineering / soil mechanics - Civil engineering gpsc

Here we are providing you to previous year asked gpsc assistant engineer civil Engineering questions of soil mechanics or geotechnical interview questions.

1) To construct any building, which properties of sold should be known?

2) Permeability in different type of soils 

3) Quick Sand Condition.

4) Compaction and consolidation difference

5) Sand Replacement method

6) In which type of soil strata consolidation is not required?

7) Types soil?

8) Consolidation will be less for which soil?

9) For which soil will you measure the consolidation?

9) What is MDD?

10) Which sand is better, well graded OR uniformly graded?

11) In which soil active earth pressure will be more saturated/submerged

12) What is Isotropic soil?

13) Difference between porosity and permeability.

14) When we should perform sedimentation analysis?

15) Explain the plastic limit

16) Explain the shrinkage limit.

17) What is reinforced earth.

18) Tell me about Geofibers and Geo textile.

19) Chemical stabilization in soil explain this

20) What is liquification?

Most important question asked in Assistant Engineer civil interview questions of soil mechanics / Geotechnical engineering : civil engineering

21) What is Net bearing capacity?

22) What is safe bearing capacity?

23) What will be the FOS in shallow foundation and deep foundation.

24) How we can measure moisture content of soil?

25) Types of piles for different soils 

26) Explain triaxial test.

27) Explain stone column technique

28) Explain combined, strip and strap foundation

29) Explain bearing capacity and allowable pressure

30) What is bentonite clay?

31) Liquefaction will happened in which types of soils? And why it is not happening in to other type of soil?

32) Limitation of plate load test

33) How to increase the bearing capacity of soil?

34) What will be the angle of repose for 𝑐 − ∅ soil

35) What do you mean by safe bearing capacity?

36) Explain active earth pressure.

37) In liquefaction which stress becomes zero?

38) What do you mean by retaining wall?

39) In retaining wall which pressure will be more? (i) soil pressure or (ii) water pressure.

40) Who gave earth pressure theory?

41) How to find shear strength of soil?

42) Draw the soil chart

43) What do you mean by CI soil?

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This all questions are asked in AE ( Assistant Engineer ) interview in gpsc for civil engineering. 

All goverment exams are asking this basic questions in interview for civil engineering.
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