Difference between mosaic and terrazzo flooring?

What is mosaic and terrazzo flooring in building construction?

In civil engineering the term mosaic and terrazzo are commemly used for flooring and roofing in building construction.

So in this post we will discuss about the difference between mosaic and terrazzo.

Difference between mosaic flooring and terrazzo flooring:

What is mosaic flooring or china mosaic flooring?

  1. Mosaic is the type of tile pattern.
  2. Broken pieces of tiles are laid in pattern on roof or wall.
  3. Grout is used to fill the space between the piece of tiles.
  4. Its is durable and highly water resistance.

Application of mosaic :

  • Mosaic are used in terrace, kitchens, bathroom, etc for reduction of water seepage and chemical resistance.

What is terrazzo flooring in building materials and construction?

  1. It is solid floor , poured like a concrete.
  2. Suitable for large areas to resist against scratches.
  3. Gives a smooth surface then mosaic.

Application of terrazzo:

  • It is used in varandah, gallery, etc. Sometimes used as floor in room.
So this is  the full details of terrazzo flooring and mosaic or china mosaic.

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